A Trusted Dealer of Quality-Proven Magnesia Bullion Blocks & Cupels such as Magnesia Cupels, Magnesia Refractory Couples...

About Us 

Our company, Indian Mag Cupels, is famously known by the name iMagCup in the market since our incorporation back in 2016. The founder of our company is an excellent young entrepreneur as well as an engineer, who holds a vast knowledge of more than 15 years in the respective field. He is also the founder of one of the fastest growing organization of Southern India Olivine India Group. Our company aims to become as popular as the aforementioned organization. To do so, we work hard from prime industrial location of Salem (Tamil Nadu). Our privately owned enterprise is aspiring to constantly manufacture best grade Magnesia Bullion Blocks & Cupels. Currently, we are one of the most respected manufacturers and exporters in Asia as we offer our clients with top class Magnesia Bullion Blocks, Magnesia Refractory Bullion Blocks, Magnesia Cupels, Magnesia Refractory Bullion Cupels, etc. These offered items are applauded in India and 23 other countries across the world.

Our People & Know-How 

Our people, i.e. our team of professionals is dedicated to make a difference in the market with our quality products, knowledge and strong business ethics. We believe that our team is the biggest attribute to our massive success in the global marketplace. The know-how that we have gained is all thanks to the diligence, hard work and punctuality of the people working at our enterprise. 
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